COLLOMIX RMX Mixer Stand & Xo 55 duo


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Advantages for youadvantage

  • Counter-rotating mixing tools: INo counter-torque acting on the user makes for light work with less physical effort
  • Forced-action mixing effect: For mixing all types of materials, including viscous and heavy materials, quickly and thoroughly
  • Electronic speed control: Indefinitely variable for smooth power transmission
  • Work with a straight back: Handles are positioned further up for a body posture which takes the strain off your back
  • With stirrers in different colours, so they can be fitted easily and correctly
  • New: Rubber protective sleeves keep the coupling clean and in good working order; changeable

Xo 55 duo – Art-No. 20.448

  • Wattage: 1450
  • RMP under load:470
  • Stirrer: MKD 140 HF ffor heavy materials such as screed, plaster, concrete, etc. Max. Stirrer: 210mm
  • Mixing load: 90 L.
  • PUR cable length: 4m

rmxrmx_height rmx_handle








Advantages for you

  • Mixing without physical strain
    The new RMX takes the equipment load off your hands during mixing. A particular advantage is the gas-pressurized spring, which enables the swivel arm to be raised and lowered with ease.
  • Attractively priced alternative
    The mixer stand costs for less than an automatic mixing machine. However, the hand-held mixer has to be guided by hand during mixing because automatic mixing is not possible.
  • Rugged design
    For tough daily use on the building site, securely supported on 4 strong legs.
  • Easy handling
    Mix wenigen Handgriffen auf- und abbaubar.
  • Easy to transport
    Light in weight and complete with carrying handle.

RMX Mixer Stand

  • Dimensions WxH: 45.5x118cm(in transport position)
  • Weight: 17kg
  • For o 1/4/6 and Xo 55 duo
  • Article No.: 45.624