DH ACRYLIC SEAL is an acrylate system two-liquid type mixed curing water-stop material and back face grouting agent which was developed making much of safety and durability, which forms a gel type with especially excellent elasticity, permeability, swelling property, durability, etc., which is used for back face injection like tunnel, subway, building basement, secret, etc., and which exhibits water-stop effect and ground settling agent effect. As it has no leaching of gel, a weak point of the existing water glass, and is safe even under the environment in the ground, it has semi-permanent durability and is not a toxic and polluting product.



  • Excellent permeability: It is easy to permeate into the fine air gap or any kind of soil due to the very low viscosity near the water density.
  • Stability: It exhibits no leaching phenomena, the weak point of the existing water glass, and no hydrolysis senile change.
  • Complete impermeable layer: The highly elastic and flexible gel formed after condensation has the swelling property when in contact with water by absorbing vibration and the elastic reaction to the secondary deformation of ground and structure resulting in continuously maintaining water barring capacity
  • Excellent workability: It is possible to freely respond according to the site condition and injection objective because it has a wide range of controlling the curing time.
  • Non-toxic environment-friendliness: It is long safe to all sorts of chemical environment of underground water and ground as it is not decomposed and leached by alkalis, acids, organic chemicals.
  • Bondability : It maintains the water stop effect for a long time due to excellent properties of high elasticity and high bondability

Applied parts:
It can be used for stopping water for leakage of all sorts of architecture, civil structure.

– Water stop of underground structural connection and back face grouting
– Permanent water stop grouting of underground structure like tunnel, subway, etc.
– Expansion joint leaking part and construction joint leakage repair
– Connection and leaking part of reservoir, swimming pool, pond, etc.
– Air gap part of concrete structure
– Leaking part of underground parking lot and underground concrete structure

DH Acrylic Gel System

Example diagram of back face injection method

This method is the one to stop water by forming a non-permeable wall on the back face of concrete wall. It is to inject DH Acrylic Seal after boring the concrete with leaking parts, which forms a nonpermeable water stopping wall in an air gap between concrete and soil.
DH Acrylic Gel System Classification

DH Acrylic Seal back face injection method
DH ACRYLIC SEAL forms a stopping wall as it sufficiently penetrates into all cracks by injecting and penetrating into the range with a radius of 60cm when installing the injection openings with distance of 100cm according to the cracks due to its equal penetration from the opening.


DH Acrylic seal construction procedure

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DH Acrylic Seal Mixing Method

DH-30 Minimum Ratio









DH-50 Minimum Ratio