Hyper Torch 3P

Torch on Applied Bituminous Waterproofing Sheet

HYPER TORCH 3P Waterproofing Membranes is a quality APP (attactic polypropylene) modified bituminous membrane designed to meet the needs of the construction industry. HYPER TORCH 3P is manufactured with non-woven polyester reinforcements that are impregnated and coated with a mixture of APP polymer modified bitumen compound. Upper surface can be finished in sand, mineral slate or polyethylene film.

HYPER TORCH 3p exhibits excellent properties of resistance to atmospheric agents and to aging. It ensures shape stability at high temperatures and facilitates the ease of application and adhesion. HYPER TORCH 3p range include 3mm, 3.5mm with different surface finish.



  • Trafficable Roofs
  • Roof Gardens
  • Concrete Roofs
  • Balconies and Terraces
  • Decks, Basement and Landscaped areas


  • Positive barriers to water and vapour.
  • Good UV light resistance (Mineral Finish Only)
  • Withstand thermal shocks
  • High flexibility at low temperature
  • Good elastic memory
  • Easy application

Hyper Torch 3P is a quality APP modified bituminous membrane with a choice of 3mm to 4mm thickness.

On new roof or landscaped area, a screed made of normal mortar should be laid with thickness 20 – 50mm with slope maximum 5%. Thoroughly inspect existing roof and make sure it is structurally sound, smooth before priming and laying of HYPER TORCH 3P.

Bituminous primer must be applied between membrane and substrate. Substrate need to be cleaned, dry and smooth and estimate consumption will be approximately 0.3 litre per sq. m. per coat. Two coats may be needed when applying to very porous substrate condition.

Allow primer’s drying time of 2 – 4 hours, unroll the HYPER TORCH 3P and place in the position where it has to be torched at the lower surface with propane gas, HYPER TORCH 3P will melt and subsequently adhere to the primed surface.

Membrane should overlap each other by at least 10 cm at the side laps and 15cm at the end laps. Inspection of lap joints must be carried out to ensure total adhesion. Smooth out all seams with a rounded trowel. All mineral finished membrane application where laps occur over the slate finished have the slate topping removed to a width of 10cm to allow the overlap to be fully bonded to the bitumen.

For general cleaning use ethyl methyl ketone blended cleaner. Do not use solvent on skin use Clean Towels.

It is recommended that a water test, where ever possible, be carried out over a 24 hour period. All leaks should be marked and the membranes repaired when cleaned and dry. Any damaged areas must be repaired with a patch of HYPER TORCH 3P with a minimum overlap of 10cms from any edge.

The membranes should be protected after installation from damage with protective board such as water resistance particle board, plywood, fire –cement or any other proprietary protective board should be adhered with protective board type.

Supplied polyethylene wrapped on pallets. Please refer to storage for individual roll storage and handling.

Product Roll Dimension
3mm SandedFinish 10m x 1m x 3mm
4mm SandedFinish 10m x 1m x 4mm
3.5 mm MineralFinish 4.5kg 10m x 1m x 3.5mm

10% for overlaps and 4% for normal detailing wastage.

HYPER TORCH 3P is recommended to store in cool dry place. Membrane rolls should be stored preferably on pallets in an upright position and protected from excessive heat and moisture. Membranes and primers have a shelf life of 12 months.



Softening Point (R&B) Standard ASTM D36 Result: 155 °C
Penetration at 25 °C Standard ASTM D5 Result: 12-20dmm
Flexibility at Low Temperature Standard UEAtc Result: 0-4 °C
Service Ambient Temperature Result: -10 °C to 100 °C
Tensile Strength-Longitudinal Transverse Standard ASTM D5147 Result: 700 N/5cm / 500 n/5cm
Elongations Longitudinal Transverse Standard ASTM D5147 Result: 40%
Tear Resistance Longitudinal Transverse Standard ASTM D5147 Result: 600N / 450N
Water Absorption Standard ASTM D5147 Results: <0.15%
Resistant to Water Pressure Standard UEAtc Results: >60Kpa
Water Vapour Permeability Standard ASTM D5147 Result: <0.2G/24Hr/M²