NCL BOND, an aqueous dispersion of carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer. NCL BOND is a latex based admixture for
use with cement combination, form as a toxic-free bonding agent for rendering, plastering, adhesive, tiling, repair mortar and
as waterproof barrier.

• Greatly improved adhesion to substrates
• Reduced water vapor transmission
• Improved toughness and flexibility
• Reduced dusting
• Mixes may be applied in thin lay layers
• Improved resistance to chemicals

Available in 20 kg container.
12 months in air tight containers and stored in a cool ventilated area.
NCL Bond is hazard free. As with all chemical products, caution should always be exercised. Keep away from children.
• It is necessary to ensure that the substrate is free from dust, paint, oil, laitance etc., and damped the application of
NCL BOND bonding agent.
• A bonding slurry consists of two parts by weight of fresh cement to one part of NCL BOND thoroughly mixed to ensure a
smooth blue-grey creamy consistency.
• This bonding slurry should be thoroughly brushed onto the prepared substrate, concrete, render or topping and should be
applied while it is still wet.
• Using NCL BOND latex admixture in place of water for repair mortar, tiling adhesive or render. Recommended dosage
approximately 1.0 litre/m² and depends on site condition (Up to 5% water may be added to improve workability.)