NCL CEMPROOF 4, a rich blend of both powder and liquid polymers with added cements and inert fillers which when mixed
produces a creamy slurry with excellent adhesion, cohesion and waterproofing properties.
• Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
• Balconies
• Water retaining structures
• Culverts and tunnels
• Swimming pools and fountains
• Balconies
• Impervious bedding beneath tiles
• Crack sealer
• Protective coating
• R.C. gutters
• Good flexibility
• Breathable
• Excellent adhesion to sound substrates
• Anti-carbonation
• Impermeable
• Easy to apply
• Frost & de-icing agent resistant
• Long pot life & fast drying

The proprietary waterproofing system shall consist of 2 coats of NCL CEMPROOF 4 cementitious slurry at 1.0 Kg/M² per coat,
apply to the concrete slab/wall and carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction and recommendations.
PART (A) – 20 kg ; PART (B) – 5 kg
12 months in unopened condition, stored in dry ambient temperatures.

NCL CEMPROOF 4 contains cement which is highly alkaline and may cause irritation of the skin. Operators are advised to wear
protective clothing and gloves during use. Mixing should be carried out in a well ventilated area and in common with all powder
products in order to avoid raising and inhaling of dust. If the powder enters the eye, wash thoroughly with copious amounts of
fresh clean water. If discomfort continues, please seek for medical advice.
• Surfaces to be applied with NCL CEMPROOF 4 should be sound, clean and free from all dirt, loose particles, paint films,
protective coatings, oil and grease, laitance etc.
• All cracks and honeycombs shall be repaired prior to the waterproofing work.
• All points between the vertical and horizontal shall have an angle fillet formed with a non-cracking material mixed to a
trowellable consistency. Surface should be roughened and primed prior to application.
• Pour the liquid contents (Part B) into a suitable sized pail and then slowly add the powder (Part A) while continually mixing
with a slow speed (500 rpm) drill and paddle. Continue mixing until a homogeneous, lump free mix is obtained.
• Surfaces to be applied with NCL CEMPROOF 4 shall be saturated with clean water prior to application. Care should be
taken to avoid puddling. Extremely porous surfaces should be sealed before application.
• The first coat of mixed NCL CEMPROOF 4 should be applied at the rate of 1.0 Kg per M² by either brush, roller or spray and
allowed to cure prior to the application of the second coat.
• The second coat of mixed NCL CEMPROOF 4 should be applied t the rate of 1.0 Kg per M² at right angles to the first coat.
The uncured waterproofing coating should be protected from inclement weather and subsequently from physical damage
while exposed.