NCL PU100 , is Water Based Polyurethane Polymeric Coating base on co-poly condensate product for waterproofing, dampproofing
for concrete structure and cement surface. It has good adhesion to existing/old asphalt and PU coating. Easy
application with roller or brush with smooth creamy finish. Application with fibre mesh would increase coating tear strength
and abrasion resistance.
The high flexibility, excellent adhesion and water impermeability of NCL PU100 is ideally suitable for :-
• Roof Terrace
• Kitchen
• Basement
• Planter Box
• Bathroom
• Courtyard Garden
• One Component
• High Flexibility
• Easily repaired by spot application
• Seamless Membrane
• Excellent Adhesion
• Easily applied by brush, trowel/squeegee

20 KG /Pail
The shelf life of NCL PU100 is 6 months in original unopened containers if stored in a cool dry place.

Keep container tightly sealed and away from heat, spark or open flame. Clean hands and tools with kerosene or solvent when
dry. Operators are advised to wear protective clothing and gloves during application. If in contact with eyes, wash thoroughly
with copious amount of fresh clean water. If discomfort, please seek for medical advice.
• NCL PU100 can be applied by brush, trowel, squeegee or airless spray. Two coat application but this will vary according to
the site conditions and specification.
• All surfaces to be coated should be cleaned, sound and free from foreign materials. The cleaned surface shall be primed with
primer and allow to dry.
• Newly placed concrete should be steel trowelled followed by light stroking with a hair broom to remove high spots before
curing takes place. Any laitance on the cured concrete should be removed by water jet blasting or grit blasting.
• Moss and lichen must be removed physically after which the surface should be treated.
• All concrete plinths shall be joint up with a skirting and flushing when necessary. The skirting shall be a minimum of 150mm.
• Provide the necessary joints to the R.C. structures and ensure that all defects must be rectified.
• Tools and equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.