Structural Injection

Two Component High-strength PU Resin

Product Description

NCL SW-PU 900 is a Two-part High-strength Polyurethane Injection Resin designed to repair concrete defects such as cracks, porosity, cold joint, segregation and other imperfections that caused water leakages especially in underground infrastructure.

NCL SW-PU 900 has excellent adhesion and it can be injected to seal dry, damp, wet or water-bearing areas. Due to its low viscosity characteristic, NCL SW-PU 900 can penetrate deep into thick concrete structure to seal off fine cracks and other minute defects to recover concrete strengths.

Once cured, NCL SW-PU 900 forms an excellent barrier against water ingress caused by hydrostatic pressure. It is used as a permanent repair material for leaking concrete structure to achieve restoration and waterproofing result in a single process.